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hello, my name is nathan arthur. I am a studio audio engineer, and a live a/v/l producer. my goal is making the best quality product possible. I mix and master music out of my apartment in the greater chicago area, and track audio out of darkroom studios in elgin and caffeinated records in island lake. I work alongside companies like luxe productions, judson university, chapel chicago, and willow creek community church to produce inpactful and meaningful live events. I am affluent with many genres of music: trap, drill, acoustic, pop, rock, punk, heavy metal, lofi, ccm, and country. I also offer guitar, music theory, and music production lessons. thank you for stopping by my website. if you are looking for an inquiry, please email me at


5 5 0 e b u r n e t t r d , i s l a n d l a k e , i l

d a r k ro o m s t u d i o s

1 1 5 1 n s t a t e s t , e l g i n , i l

f r e e s t u f f

use any of the below samples and beats for your own uses. no email required, no permissions needed, no frills. just straight up free.